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House of Insurance Agency, based in Le Center, Minnesota, began offering insurance in 1945. We are stronger than ever this year, celebrating 71 years in business by employing a staff of well-rounded and experienced insurance agents and opening a second office location in Montgomery, Minnesota..

They are a client-focused, independent, family-owned insurance agency. House of Insurance Agency’s agents work hard to provide you with the insurance products you require at affordable prices. From personal coverage (auto and home) to commercial coverage (worker’s compensation and commercial property), and everything in between.


You may be able to protect yourself from the financial costs of unforeseen losses, such as fires and natural disasters, frozen pipes, or even burglaries, by purchasing the right insurance policy. You could lose everything you’ve worked for if you don’t have adequate protection.

Insurance is designed to cover the costs of unexpected damages that are beyond your reasonable control. It is not intended to pay for the anticipated repairs required to maintain your home, such as replacing worn out roofs or taking necessary precautions.


If you require or wish to purchase a policy from an insurance company, you will contact an insurance company or an insurance producer (also known as a broker or agent) to obtain coverage.

Before issuing coverage, the insurance company typically gathers information about your home. To provide you with an accurate quote, the producer or company will typically request the following:

  • a description of your home;
  • the distance between the nearest fire station and a fire hydrant;
  • the amount of space;
  • if you have security systems;
  • a photograph of your home;
  • the coverages and limits that you desire.
  • any previous losses in property or liability.

After reviewing the information, the house of insurance company will use its own standards, known as underwriting guidelines, to determine whether or not to issue you a policy and the rate it will charge for any coverage it provides.

If an insurer accepts your application, the producer or company may issue you an insurance binder, which is a legally binding statement that you have immediate protection while the agency decides whether to issue you a policy or not.


When considering your home or real asset, consider not only your house, but also any unattached garages, sheds, or other structures on your property. You should also consider:

  1. the amount of coverage required to replace your “personal property” or “contents” of your home, such as furniture, clothing, electronics, jewelry, or other personal items that may be damaged in the event of a loss to your home; and
  2. adequate liability coverage to protect you and your assets from lawsuits if others claim damages due to your negligence on or off your property.

You will select the type and overall limits of your coverage, as well as the deductible level, up to which you will be responsible for paying the costs of each claim.

The higher the deductible you choose, and the greater the proportion of low-dollar claims that are your responsibility rather than the insurer’s, the lower the premium you will have to pay. Almost all policies from house of insurance have fixed dollar deductibles, but some have percentage deductibles based on total policy limits..

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